Sorry To Bother You Review

Funny, different, cynical, and above all weird, Sorry To Bother You is the most original movie of the past decade.

Don’t Worry Be Happy


Sorry To Bother You is one of the most highly original movies I have seen in the past few years. It’s bold, fresh, colorful, vibrant, hilarious, emotional, deep, and above all just plain weird. The use of social satire to comment on the state of capitalism and oppression is ingenious and director Boots Riley should be praised for his risky direction that ultimately leaves an impact that cannot be explained. It is an important film, one that has small moments that mean a lot and teach a lesson about the world we live and should be getting more praise than it deserves.

The film follows Cassius “Cash” Green in alternate present day reality as he tries to make his way and survive in society’s monetary and material game of life. Once he joins a telemarketing company and begins to rise through the ranks, he experiences the gains of capitalism and sees the burgeoning of unionism. There is so much more to this film than I am leading on, but to maintain the authenticity of the film I don’t want to say more of the plot.

Sorry To Bother You excels because of the numerous themes and messages director Boots Riley attempts to convey through his characters and story. No moment of the film is a drag or feels like it is unnecessary. Each scene, each shot is purposeful and is telling a larger message that may not be noticed upon first viewing. There is the theme of capitalism and unionizing for sure that are the two prominent, but there are also smaller yet impactful ones like finding a purpose in the world, the societal expectations to ascend ranks, the labor force, the authenticity in a relationship, and the material things we chase after to find happiness. This may seem like a lot that one film can’t possibly cover, but it is amazing how deep and complex this film is than it was presented on the surface.

This is a hardcore social satire The primary commentary is that America takes advantage of its workers while the rich and powerful sit and feed on the profit. However, there is so much more going on that the film just becomes outright crazy yet in a way that show empathy to the characters and the situations. The political and social commentary is certainly present, but never is in your face or makes you think too hard that it becomes a chore.

Even if the commentary on society and the various themes is not your cup of tea, the film is wickedly funny with its preposterous sense of humor. The film has fun with its style, presenting simple moments with an interesting vision that make simple phone call be hilarious to watch. The situations our characters find themselves in are made humorous just given the style of the film and give it a unique feel that no other movie can achieve.

It’s a shame I can’t go more in depth with this film for the sake of preserving it for you. This is more than just another film given to the mainstream audiences; this is art. Art given to us to convey powerful messages, make us laugh a lot, stretch our imaginations, and certainly shock us with the direction it goes. If you are someone who thinks movies are “unoriginal” these days, go see this movie! This is most definitely the most unique film I have seen ever.


9.4/10 Audacious

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