Rating System

After reviewing movies for almost 5 years, I have decided to switch my rating system from a scale of 0-10 to a traditional A+ through F grading scale. I feel this provides more of a universality when interpreting review scores and fits more in line with how I interpret a 0-10 scale. Furthermore, I rarely ever went below a 5 when assigning score which has provided confusion for a lot of my viewers in whether I thought a movie was good or not. I still strongly encourage my readers to see my in depth thoughts instead of just looking at the score as it puts that score in context. Nonetheless, I hope this change provides a better picture of how I connect with movies and allows you to determine best whether or not to see it.

If I give Movie A a 9.2/10 and Movie B a 8.8/10, I in no means am saying that Movie A is better than Movie B. Each movie offers something different in the story they tell, the style with which it is presented, and a variety of other factors. Movies offer so much which is why I love them, and I do not want to put them in a box by just a number.

This is why I write a full review of the movie to discuss all the things it does well and its shortcomings. I want incoming audiences to know what each individual movie offers and not just go see them based off a score. Just because I don’t give a movie a good score does not mean that you personally can’t enjoy it. These are just my thoughts on movies, so I encourage you to not just skip to the score but to read the thoughts I had to see if it interests you.

0-5.5 = F

These are the worst of the worst. You should not pay to see these movies in theaters, nor should you waste your time seeing them on DVD. I generally do not give movies these scores unless they are absolutely horrendous or not even trying.

5.6-6.5: F to D-

These movies are pretty bad but may have a good moment here and there. The plot generally doesn’t work, the characters are thinly written, and there’s barely any substance.

6.6-7.4: D to C

These movies have some good things going for it and it may be entertaining, but either the plot or characters are not all there.  A lot of people can have enjoyment in these movies especially if they are a part of a franchise, but the plot might be too simple or the characters are not as easy to connect with.

7.5-8.0: C to B- 

These are movies I generally would consider “good”. There are substantial negatives, but as a whole the movie is enjoyable with great characters, interesting plot, or just overall fun. I recommend movies in this range, but there are still considerable drawbacks.

8.1-9.0: B- to B+

I would classify these movies as “great” and tend to recommend them more. They have interesting developments and have an added depth to their stories. The characters are easy to connect to, the plot is engaging, and it has decent rewatchability. There are minimal drawbacks but don’t do enough to detract from the experience.

9.1.-9.5: A- to A

These are some of the best movies out there. There is so much more to the story then what is presented on the surface. Upon rewatching, multiple themes and messages can be uncovered giving the movie an overall insight. The characters are very intriguing and at times exceptionally memorable. The performances are top notch and contain an emotional weight to them. There are rarely any flaws and you are invested throughout the entire film.

9.6-10: A to A+

These are the top tier of movies available. There is an interesting vision, something that reinvents the genre, or something that is just surprising and fresh to bring to cinema. Everything works effectively and there are no dull moments. There is depth, insight, and a lot to deconstruct long after the movie has concluded. A 10/10 is one that I consider a “perfect” film and I do not give them out to just any movie. They are earned through multiple viewings and a true depth to what is being presented.

There are definitely movies that I rate higher or lower than the aforementioned descriptions which goes to further show my disdain in a rating system. However, I know it is nice to have a score for the movie so I do my best to stay within these confines. I encourage you to read the full review to know my complete thoughts on the movie.

Hopefully this helps to put my reviews in perspective.

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