WandaVision Episode 3 Review

WandaVision’s mystery gets some forward momentum as our characters deal with a baby on the way.

Here Come The Twins

After getting the heavy lifting out of the way in the first 2 episodes, WandaVision’s third episode is able to have a little bit more fun with its balance of sitcom and darker storytelling. While there still is a lot to speculate and things are still unclear, the episode does a wonderful job of giving us enough information for to process over the next week.

While its really the last five minutes of the episode that fans may find to be more interesting, I thoroughly enjoyed the pregnancy storyline this week. Seeing Vision process how fast Wanda’s pregnancy was going allowed for some good laughs, and the way he prepares for the baby’s arrival by practicing wrapping diapers were priceless. I am enjoying how the show conveys the love and bond these two share with one another. Even though it is mimicking sitcoms, you do get the feeling that Wanda and Vision genuinely do care and love one another which makes watching their struggles, triumphs, and weirdness all the more endearing.

I have to give praise for Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Betany’s performances in this show, as they are able to blend comedy with a foreboding sense of doom effortlessly. Olsen definitely stands out amongst the two in this episode as her facial expressions and comedic timing make the show work all the more effectively. Seeing her try to get rid of stork while also entertain her guest, Geraldine, was an audaciously hilarious gag simply seeing the expressions Wanda was making. Betany on the other hand was able to handle the anxiety of a new father with the uneasiness that something isn’t right marvelously. The show does benefit from telling these characters stories in a TV show rather through characters like Steve Rogers or Tony Stark.

The door was cracked open a little wider in regards to the central conflict through Geraldine and the final scene showing her being ejected out of Westview. It seems that she is a S.W.O.R.D. agent, an organization form the comic that deals with unusual situations similar to S.H.I.E.LD. It also seems that Wanda may be more in control of this world than what we originally thought. Last weeks episode showed that she could reverse reality when the beekeeper showed up, and again this week we saw that when Vision began questioning Wanda on what was really going on. It seems as if Wanda has them trapped in some sort of trance or alternate reality, with the S.W.O.R.D. agents attempting to break them out. From the looks of it though, it doesn’t seem like Wanda wants that.

While the question remains why exactly Wanda may be doing this, it does seem pretty much confirmed that they are living in an alternate reality with the outside world trying to break in. This could pose a conflict with Wanda and may be other Avengers in the latter episodes, but for now it’ll be interesting to see what develops. Again, I love the directing of this show and how the aspect ratio changes and even the way reality rewinded when Vision started asking questions. This is certainly a unique show for Marvel and I am glad they are balancing their sitcom elements with their signature storytelling better in this episode.

Again, I am curious to see how everything develops going into next week. There are still 6 more episodes in the season so I hopeful they continue to balance well rather than leaning too hard on the gimmick like they did in the premiere. Needless to say, I am happy to be getting new MCU content like this every week and processing through the mystery.

(B+) Intriguing

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