Top 10 Movies of 2017

The best films of 2017! Be sure to check them out!

Personally, I felt this has been a phenomenal year for film. Sure there have been some major disappointments and the summer box office was at an all time low, but the quality of the movies has been amazing with some game changers and emotional stories. It has now come time to rank the best films of 2017.

With my ranking, the score I gave a movie does not necessarily equate to a higher or lower spot on the list. The score I give a movie is for that movie alone upon my first viewing. When I think about the movies as a whole I have seen this year and comparing them, I take score out of the equation to look at a whole view at my thoughts on each individual movie. I have also attached links to my full spoiler-FREE reviews for more in depth thoughts on what I thought about the movie.

Granted, I have not seen ALL the movies in 2017 nor do I necessarily see all the “highest quality” films that are usually in awards season. This is my personal top 10 list of all the movies I saw this year. It was hard to narrow it down just to 10, and ranking them was even harder but I have done my best to comprise this list of the top films that I feel you should check out from this past year.

Honorable Mentions: Wonder Woman and It

Wonder Woman Review

It Review

10. Baby Driver baby-driver-1200-1200-675-675-crop-000000

A film that gets by just on its pure style, Edgar Wright returns to the fold to bring a non step adrenaline fueled joy ride that everyone can enjoy. Even though the plot does not offer much substance, style is what drives Baby Driver to make the top 10. It is exciting, tense, funny, and all around exhilarating. The way the music is timed with the action beats is quite unique and offers a memorable adventure. This was definitely my favorite action movie from the Summer. 

Baby Driver Review


9. Spider-Man: Homecoming 


Now on his third iteration, Spider-Man has finally has found his way home. From excellent humor to a different take on his origin story, Homecoming provided a definitive Spider-Man film that encapsulates the true essence of character while delivering a  coming of age story. This was the best Marvel offered this year in a year filled with superhero movies. There was depth to the characters, comedy dispersed throughout, and an understanding of both who Peter Parker and Spider-Man are as individuals. I can not wait to see him in his team up with the Avengers in May. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review


8. Dunkirk 

maxresdefault (3)

Tense, thrilling, scary, and exciting. Dunkirk captured the true terror of what it is like to be at war. Through Christopher Nolan’s excellent directing, he is able to showcase a snapshot of war from three different perspectives that culminate in a truly satisfying fashion. This is one of the best war films of recent years, and even without definitive characters it still holds moments of fear and tension for audiences to experience. Christopher Nolan has been a personal favorite director of mine and even though Dunkirk does not reach the stylistic creativity of his previous films, the tension and pure plight of war that he showcases is something to witness. 

Dunkirk Review


7. Logan 


More of a drama than a superhero movie, Logan delivers the true Wolverine experience in Hugh Jackman’s strongest portrayal of the character. There is a true depth to the worn out hero, yet he still finds something that is worth fighting for. Jackman sends off his iteration with a bang and delivers on all the emotion and bloody action that Wolverine fans have wanted for decades. The film properly embraces a more mature tone and focuses more on the character of Wolverine and bringing his journey to a close. The performances are some of the best for the genre and it joins the ranks of The Dark Knight for the best superhero movies of all time. 

Logan Review


6. The Disaster Artist the-disaster-artist-posters

It would have been so easy for director James Franco to just make fun of Tommy Wiseau’s bizarre film The Room. Instead, he focuses on the man Tommy is and how human he was when he made the film. The Disaster Artist is a story about human nature and friendship and to never let your dreams be cast aside. This resonated with me in a weird way to give me inspiration to not listen to people looking down on other’s passions. It’s funny, heartfelt, and entertaining in all the right beats and will undoubtedly be recognized for its brilliance come award season. 

The Disaster Artist Review

5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi 


Director Rian Johnson took so many risks for a Star Wars film that change the nature of what a Star Wars movie could be like. Each moment sets the stage for an expected outcome, but then completely flips the other direction to deliver some truly shocking yet satisfying moments. The action feels tense due to the investment in the characters and the visuals from planets to outer space are a treat. The Last Jedi dives deep into the mythology and provides a rich narrative that defies expectations and sets the stage for what should be a stunning conclusion come 2019. This has become my new favorite Star Wars film and I can not wait to see how my new favorite characters navigate their situation in the end. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review


4. Blade Runner 2049 


What the original lacked in depth, the sequel delivers ten times fold. Blade Runner 2049 offers a deep exploration of what makes us human and the questions that come with it. Through gorgeously shot sequences and mesmerizing imagery, director Denis Villeneuve provides a wonderfully crafted story that explores themes touched on from the first film. This film made me think so much and gave me existential questions to ask myself long after I have seen it. The imagery still resonates in my mind and few movies can have me thinking about them for this long after an initial watch.

Blade Runner 2049 Review


3. Get Out 


Going from comedy to horror can be a real challenge that most would avoid, but Jordan Peele instead blends the two genres together and presents a social commentary on racism. The hidden messages, the allusions to certain stereotypes, and the unnatural feeling that something is amiss help this film in the message it is trying to portray. The tension builds to a point of breaking, and then is completely relieved by excellent humor that surprisingly works well. The racial undertones lead this film to greatness especially when a horror twist is put on it. Not only that, this is a film that benefits from multiple viewings as you can pick up on all the small details Peele has placed within his story. No beat is missed as he has crafted something that contains absolutely no loose ends. This was the most talked about film of 2017 and if it does not win any awards, I will be in uproar.

Get Out Review


2. Coco 


In a year filled with underwhelming animated movies, Coco blew it out of the park with a story centered around family. Embracing Mexican tradition and entering a new world, Pixar delivers once again in stunning fashion to deliver a treat for the whole family. This film truly hits home for me in that it makes me appreciate where I come from and how much family means to me. Not only that, the story contains plenty of twist and turns to show that families are never perfect and to enjoy what you have around you. It’s touching, heartfelt, hilarious, and entertaining. Coco is a true treat and by far one of my favorite Pixar movies since Toy Story 3.

Coco Review


1. The Big Sick 


The “meet the parents” story has been done so many times, but The Big Sick presents a breath of fresh air in the true story chronicling Kumail Nanjiani and his wife’s love story. There is an earnest genuinity to the couples burgeoning relationship and you can’t help but smile and root for them to get their happy ending. Even though you may know how it ends since it is a true story, it is much more about the journey. It explores the racial discrepancies in relationships and overcoming your parent’s best wishes for you. I laughed, I cried, and I emotionally connected to what was going on screen. I could not help but relate to their situation at times. The exploration of meeting the parents, religious differences, and being in love make this movie work so effectively and gives it the top spot on my list!

The Big Sick Review


That’s my list. Whether you agree or disagree, I definitely recommend seeing these movies if you have not seen them yet. For my full reviews, view the links attached!









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