Transformers: The Last Knight Review

The worst Transformers film ever…which says a lot

Transformers: The Last One…please?


Before a movie plays, there are numerous indications on the screen to turn your cell phone off. Cell phones can distract viewers from the movie and make the experience less enjoyable. But if the movie is already bad, does anybody care if people’s phones are out and distracting others? If not, then it’s a good thing that everyone in my row did so while viewing Transformers: The Last Knight. By the time the one-hour mark came around of this nearly THREE HOUR movie, almost everyone was on their phones waiting for this horrible excuse of a movie to end and I, gladly,  joined in on trend.

If you have seen a Transformers movie before, then you know what you’re in for. Giant robots fighting with no reason why there are good ones and bad ones. Attempts to tie in human history with these giant robots. An object that will turn the tide in a so-called “epic battle”. Underdeveloped human characters to market the movie. Awkward attempts at what I think was supposed to be humor. One cool action scene that makes you think the movie is going to be good. Oh and I almost forgot (not really) EXPLOSIONS!

The funny thing is, I actually used to enjoy the Transformers movies. The first and third ones, I thought, were good films. Sure, the plot did not make a whole lot of sense but there were some intriguing concepts and good action sequences. They had a concept of the story and had the guts to carry it through to the end. The fourth one was an abomination, delivering neither a coherent plot nor good action sequences. And similar to the fourth one, this fifth entry (and I hope final) follows the same path of making this film simply to make more money.

This is usually the part of the review where I describe the plot of the movie, but since the movie has no plot then this paragraph is an entire waste of my time just like The Last Knight was. The movie starts with Mark Wahlberg’s character on the run from the government for some unexplained reason as he is hiding the good robots from being destroyed by humans, again no idea why the government hates them. Some robot fighting and boring expositional scenes later, the humans have magically turned to help the good robots to defeat the naughty robots. Events are just occurring in this movie with no clear indication of why or how things are happening. One minute the good guys are on the run from the bad guys, and then they are suddenly cooperating with each other with ZERO EXPLANATION.

The worst offense of this movie is that almost no one is trying. Not one single person involved with this production team (aside from Mark Wahlberg maybe) wants to do anything with this movie except make a ton of money. Despite the fourth one being horribly panned by critics and audiences alike, it still made over a billion dollars and that’s precisely the reason this studio keeps pushing these movies out. No one cares about a plot, characters, music, or anything that makes a good movie and instead just focuses on repeating what was done before to make money. While it may have worked with the first film, five films it becomes inconceivably dull.

I am trying to look for positives in this movie but I can only really think of two. Like I said, Mark Wahlberg is the only one trying in this film and seems to be having fun. But after about an hour of the film, even he seems fed up. There is also one cool action scene near the end involving a levitating saucer and two robots fighting. But this come so late in the movie after a thousand different robot fights where you can’t tell who is who that it becomes almost impossible to care.

The Last Knight is the perfect example of a movie where no one cares. There is no plot, no relatable characters, and absolutely no stakes to keep you even remotely invested. This is a movie made for one reason: money. I keep thinking that director Michael Bay will finally take some criticism but alas he still has not. He has stated that this film will be his last in this franchise and let us hope that he is actually telling the truth. If you’re looking for an excuse to waste $7 then maybe this movie is for you, otherwise I am begging you all to never watch this movie for your sake and the sake of movies in general.


1.5/10 Horrible

  1. For me, sadly, Transformers isn’t able to achieve what the Fast & Furious franchise has been able to achieve, which is to keep me interested. I personally hated the 3rd one, but sort of enjoyed the 4th one, but not enough to have me running to the cinema to see this one. I think I’d no doubt be entertained to a certain extent. I mean, it’s Michael Bay, but I don’t care enough about the franchise as a whole I think. Great review though, I always appreciate that kind of honesty. If it’s bad, it’s bad, am I right?

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